For housing partnerships

SatellesFinance OÜ represents and defends housing partnership interests at the state and local levels, and provides consulting and training services.

In spite of many talks that accounting records of housing partnership can be maintained on a cash basis, it cannot be done. The cash basis is allowed only when accounting records are maintained by individual entrepreneur.

Housing partnerships must comply with almost all the requirements of the accounting law: to prepare internal regulations for maintaining accounting records, to keep records on an accrual basis, to reflect all business transactions in accounting registers on double entry basis, etc.

In order to make a decision on how to maintain accounting records – by yourself or with the help of an accounting firm – find out what the price for accounting services will be for your housing partnership.

If you conclude an agreement with us, you can forget about accounting records at all, and all you have to do is to provide the accountant with the documents for the previous month no later than the 7th day of the current month, and the accountant will do the rest for you. Every month all the necessary accounting reports will be prepared for you and all the necessary tax returns will be submitted.

SatellesFinance OÜ is entitled to perform report and documentation audits for your housing partnerships.

If you prefer, our representatives can participate in general meetings of your housing partnership and provide reports for the previous period, answering your questions.